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The Watson

The Watson is NeighborWorks Southern Mass largest project to date. The Watson on East Howard is our new 5 story, multifamily apartment building. The Watson on East Howard features 185,000 gsf including 140 residential units: studio, 1-2 bedroom units, amenity space and a lower level parking garage. Construction began in April 2017.

The new building is named after Thomas A. Watson, assistant to telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell and founder of the engine company that was the predecessor of the Fore River Shipyard.

Builder: Dellbrook JKS
Management: Winn Companies
Architect: CUBE 3 Studios LLC

Our Portfolio

US Veteran Finds A Home

David Ortega is a retired sergeant and Iraq War veteran, Ortega lives with his wife and four children in a four-bedroom, single-family Quincy home that NeighborWorks® Southern Mass and the City of Quincy purchased and renovated for veterans’ housing in 2013. Before they moved in, David and his family were homeless. “As a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, I am truly grateful for being able to provide my family with a safe and comfortable home,” Ortega said. “NeighborWorks® has just been awesome: My kids love the house, they have friends that sleep over and play in the backyard. It’s just been amazing. I could not ask for more.”
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