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Becoming a NWSOMA Contractor

We are interested in having you on our Qualified Bidding List, perhaps you are interested in working with us?

NeighborWorks Southern Mass (NWSOMA) is an established non-profit organization committed to revitalizing neighborhoods by promoting, developing, and maintaining affordable housing for the elderly and low to moderate income residents in the local area. The NWSOMA Housing Rehabilitation Program is funded in part through grants in conjunction with the City of Quincy, MA.

The NWSOMA Housing Rehabilitation Program provides financial and technical assistance for homeowners to repair their property. The primary purpose of the program is to correct code violations and substandard living conditions, including the removal of health hazards such as lead paint and asbestos.  Typical work includes carpentry, roofing, heating, plumbing, window/door replacement, weatherization, insulation, and general home repairs. In general, the average project cost is between $10-$50K but on occasion we also see some smaller projects.

NWSOMA maintains a list of approved contractors for our projects; however, we must expand this list as the number of approved projects projected for the upcoming construction season exceeds the amount of contractors currently on our list.

The minimum requirements to join the NWSOMA Housing Rehabilitation Program include:

  • NWSOMA Contractor Application.
  • The appropriate Commonwealth of Massachusetts issued license(s) for your trade.
  • A Home Improvement Registration for your trade, if required.
  • Workman’s Compensation Insurance Policy.
  • Property and Liability Insurance Policy.
  • Demonstrated experience in the appropriate trade(s) including three references.

Once a contractor has registered with NWSOMA they will receive notification of projects, the availability of bid specifications and the date of the walkthrough.  Sealed bids will be due at a prescribed time and place and the project will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.

If you have interest in joining our team for this important work please complete the enclosed NWSOMA Application. Should you have any questions regarding the details of the NWSOMA Housing Rehabilitation Program please contact me at your earliest convenience, my direct line is: 617.770.2227 X 27 and my email address is:

I sincerely hope that you will consider joining us as we endeavor to improve the quality of the lives around us by improving the quality of their homes.



David F. Lovering, CBO
Construction Manager

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