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Housing Development

NeighborWorks® Southern Mass is also a leading nonprofit developer of housing for low-income families, veterans, people with disabilities and formerly homeless individuals. In addition to developing more than 170 units of affordable housing–most of which the agency owns and/or manages – NWSOMA has an additional 90 units of housing in various stages of development. Its portfolio includes both single-family and two-family units as well as multi-family apartment buildings and single-room occupancy (SRO) units.

NWSOMA’s record of developing innovative and effective affordable housing strategies has earned numerous state and federal awards, including the Audrey Nelson Community Development Achievement Award. Received in partnership with the City of Quincy, the award recognized NWSOMA’s use of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnership funds to develop Winter Gardens, a 24-unit, energy-efficient apartment building in Quincy.

NeighborWorks® Southern Mass creates its real estate development projects as joint ventures with other nonprofits. NeighborWorks® Southern Mass recognizes the demand for special needs, transitional and permanent housing. Working in collaboration with other non-profits has allowed NWSOMA to develop housing for people and families without a home, battered women and their children, and developmentally handicapped and disabled adults. NeighborWorks® Southern Mass provides a variety of different developmental needs and services to the communities of the South Shore.

NeighborWorks Southern Mass has a record of impressive accomplishments that involves many partnerships. Together we have:

  • Provided over 3 million dollars in home improvement loans to homeowners
  • Completed 11 units in partnership with Habitat for Humanity
  • Created 9 units of transitional housing in partnership with Domestic Violence Ended (DOVE)
  • Constructed 5 units of housing for the handicapped in cooperation with the Department of Mental Retardation
  • Initiated 7 units of new housing for formerly homeless families with Shelter, Inc.
  • Created 10 units of housing for formerly homeless families in partnership with the City of Quincy’s Commission on the Family.
  • Created 61 units of affordable housing with Father Bill’s & MainSpring for formerly homeless individuals.
  • Created 12 units of affordable housing with Father Bill’s & MainSpring for formerly homeless women.
  • Created 19 units of affordable housing with Father Bill’s & MainSpring for formerly homeless men.
  • Initiated 12 new units of family houses for formerly homeless mothers and children.
  • Constructed 32 new efficiency units for formerly homeless veterans.

Our Portfolio

US Veteran Finds A Home

David Ortega is a retired sergeant and Iraq War veteran, Ortega lives with his wife and four children in a four-bedroom, single-family Quincy home that NeighborWorks® Southern Mass and the City of Quincy purchased and renovated for veterans’ housing in 2013. Before they moved in, David and his family were homeless. “As a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, I am truly grateful for being able to provide my family with a safe and comfortable home,” Ortega said. “NeighborWorks® has just been awesome: My kids love the house, they have friends that sleep over and play in the backyard. It’s just been amazing. I could not ask for more.”
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