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Landlord Training

The decision to become a landlord requires careful consideration and much thought. When making a decision to become a landlord, you must take stock of yourself, your lifestyle, and ask if you want to be responsible for others. It is true that owning a home has many advantages and benefits. But, you should prepare yourself for the hard work it will take to maintain this investment. A landlord is, in essence, a property manager. Your rental property is not only your home, but also your business! A rental property owner must adhere to the laws, rules and regulations that govern rental housing. To be successful, you must have a clear understanding of these practices.

Neighborworks® Housing Solutions offers a comprehensive Landlord Training Program for new landlords or those seeking certification. This one-on-one training is offered in-person or by video conference using the Zoom online meeting platform. The session usually lasts 1.5 to 2 hours and the cost for this training is $95 per household. Each person will earn a certificate of completion at the end of the training. Please use the link below to register and pay (couples just register one name). Once your registration and payment are complete, you will be contacted by one of the counselors below to set up the training time, location and method.

Click here to register for Landlord Training

If you have any questions please contact one of the counselors below.

Cindy Pendergast for online Zoom meeting or in-person at our Brockton office.


Phone: 617-770-2227 ext 346

Joe Madaio for in-person session at our Brockton office.


Phone: 617-770-2227 ext 345

US Veteran Finds A Home

David Ortega is a retired sergeant and Iraq War veteran, Ortega lives with his wife and four children in a four-bedroom, single-family Quincy home that NeighborWorks® Southern Mass and the City of Quincy purchased and renovated for veterans’ housing in 2013. Before they moved in, David and his family were homeless. “As a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, I am truly grateful for being able to provide my family with a safe and comfortable home,” Ortega said. “NeighborWorks® has just been awesome: My kids love the house, they have friends that sleep over and play in the backyard. It’s just been amazing. I could not ask for more.”
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