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Mortgage Assistance Program & Financial Power

Mortgage Assistance Program & Financial Power

Empowering you to keep the home you love.


Neighborworks® Southern Mass serves the Southern Massachusetts area with offices in Quincy, Brockton and New Bedford.

• How well do you manage your finances/money?

• What is your relationship/behavior with money?

• How satisfied are you with your financial goals?

• Do you know your personal challenges regarding your money habits and reaching financial goals?

You may be interested in our Financial Power Program.

• Are you a current homeowner who is at risk for foreclosure?

We have counselors to help you work with your lender to avoid foreclosure.

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Cindy Pendergast

Trouble With the Mortgage? We Can Help.

Jon Wu first came to NeighborWorks® Southern Mass in January of 2009, after attending one of our foreclosure clinics. At that time, he was struggling to make his mortgage payments because he was out of work with medical issues. His wife had also lost her job. Working with NWSOMA staff member, Joe Madaio, Jon began to understand the paperwork required to request a mortgage modification from his lender. He also worked hard with Joe to be persistent in several submissions of the paperwork to his lender and was finally able to get some relief on his mortgage with his first modification. In 2011, Jon was struggling again, this time with a different lender when his mortgage was sold. His disability became permanent and his wife was out of work for the second time. Again, working with Joe through multiple submissions of paperwork, the lender asking for more and different financial information each time, he was able to secure a lower payment for a period of time. Eventually, that became a permanent change in the mortgage with the payment at a level that Jon can sustain.
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