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The Watson Apartments

July 13, 2017

Quincy, MA

Construction is underway for The Watson Apartments at 116 E. Howard Street in Quincy. This property was formerly home to a vacant office building across the street from the Fore River Shipyard.  The Watson Apartments is a joint project of Winn Companies and NeighborWorks Southern Mass.  The building will feature 28 market rate apartments, 86 workforce housing apartments, and 26 affordable apartments for those with lower than median incomes. 

This month, we blasted rock that will be re-purposed as part of the foundation for the new building. We will continue to post updates on this project here on our blog and on our Facebook page -stay tuned!

Check out the blast:



Winter Gardens:
Community Leadership Institute & Mix It Up Arts Festival

June 3, 2017


Last September, NeighborWorks Southern Mass was invited to attend the Community Leadership Institute (CLI), a three-day training summit in Cincinnati, Ohio. Hosted by NeighborWorks America, this CLI training event aims to strengthen voices within a community and provide opportunities that will build positive relationships within neighborhoods. The attendees strive to create a strategic plan that will bring people together. Our team consisted of several residential leaders and community partners: Janine Vlassakis, NWSOMA Community Building and Engagement Coordinator; Antoinette Pabon-Green, NWSOMA Boardmember; Greidy Terrero, NWSOMA Boardmember; Rasheeda Brown, Residential Community Leader; and Kathy Quigley, Executive Director of Germantown Neighborhood Center, YMCA. At the CLI, our team learned strategies to create a dialogue with residents and ways to continue the momentum of community.


Our leaders brainstormed and decided that an arts festival would help unite the Winter Street neighborhood. The project was both complex and daunting given this community is comprised of residents of varying ages spread across more than 140 households.  Over the past year, we held many local events to raise awareness and money for the festival including a neighborhood block party and clean up; a swap and celebrate event where residents selected from donations of clothing, books and handmade toys; and numerous holiday themed celebrations for local families. Most recently, a talent show and bake sale helped our CLI team to raise $175 for the arts festival. These funds, alongside a CLI grant, were used to make the arts festival a reality.


On June 3rd (despite threats of rain!), hundreds of community members, local entrepreneurs, and our neighbors from 1000 Southern Artery joined in our “Mix It Up” Winter Street Arts Festival. Guests enjoyed an afternoon of art activities, shopping at the Artisan Bazaar, and neighborhood camaraderie.  Ultimately, this was a day where residents put their “handprint” on the community.

US Veteran Finds A Home

David Ortega is a retired sergeant and Iraq War veteran, Ortega lives with his wife and four children in a four-bedroom, single-family Quincy home that NeighborWorks® Southern Mass and the City of Quincy purchased and renovated for veterans’ housing in 2013. Before they moved in, David and his family were homeless. “As a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, I am truly grateful for being able to provide my family with a safe and comfortable home,” Ortega said. “NeighborWorks® has just been awesome: My kids love the house, they have friends that sleep over and play in the backyard. It’s just been amazing. I could not ask for more.”
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